Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Looking for a Good Book?

Do you need a suggestion for a good book? Look on the left sidebar of this blog for book covers from my collection at LibraryThing. Click on the title of the book located directly under the cover for more information about the book. You can also see my whole collection of recommended books for teens by clicking on the "my library" link here or on the sidebar. When you look at the whole collection you will see the tags I have used to describe the books, such as "drama" or "fantasy". You can also see how many stars I've given the book. Click on one of the tags, such as "suspense," and you will see all of the books I have described that way. Finally, you can click on the title of any book in my collection to see much more information about it including recommendations for other titles that people who like this book have also liked. If you really enjoy using Library Thing you can sign up for your own free account and start making lists of your favorite books! I will continue to add recommended books as I have time, so check back often!

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Anonymous said...

I love the Harry Potter slide show and Iloved the line rider and the game on the game that I can play .